A Little About Me

Do you dream of your wedding day, envision your ceremony, and stop and think, “How can I make this happen?” Well, good news, so do I!

As a self-confessed ‘people person’ and a ‘hopeless romantic’, being a Civil Celebrant is my dream job. For me, having the privilege to marry two people who love each other more than anything else on the planet is the most inspiring, fulfilling, heaps of fun and full-of-surprises job I could ever imagine.

Being a Celebrant allows me to use all of the skills and talents I’ve honed through rewarding careers in my working life. I’ve been involved with the Education, Entertainment and Corporate Training sectors, all of which I draw from to give my couples the beautiful wedding ceremonies they deserve.

I value and understand the importance of professionalism, while also understanding how important it is to breathe fun and romance into such a special moment in time.

Why I Love My Job

I never get ‘bored’ with my job. I absolutely adore getting to know each couple, and in their own way, all of them teach me something about life and love.

As a celebrant, I get to know and meet amazing couples and their families and share in a life-changing moment they’ll never forget. That, for me, is the epitome of the perfect job. Of course, the fantastic music, stunning locations and the powerful emotions of the moment only add to the reasons I love what I do.

I Want to Be a Part of Your Day!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day! Whether you choose to have your ceremony in your lounge room or in a grand chateau, I want your day to be the best day of your life! Nothing brings me more joy than to see huge smiles on my couple’s faces.

When you decide to work with me, I don’t just show up to your ceremony and read from a script. I will look after you the entire way through your wedding plan and work alongside you to prepare for your marriage ceremony—ultimately the most important part of your wedding.

I will wave my magic wand of experience to de-mystify and handle all of the legal stuff while offering up heaps of resources and ideas to inspire your ceremony. You have enough to stress over, so let me help you out by handling the complicated side of things. I’ll put my skills to work to create a ceremony which is much more personal than you might think possible.

I have some special skills too. I speak French and Italian. If you have family or friends coming from France or Italy and want to make them feel right at home, I am very happy to integrate these beautiful languages into the ceremony.

Some might say that I have a flair for the dramatic, and rightly so. I’ve spent many years as a Drama and Theatre teacher, and as such I take great pride in engaging your guests through your ceremony with warmth, sincerity, style and confidence.

When you decide I’m the perfect fit for your ceremony, we will share stories, ideas and laughter as we plan your ceremony to the last detail.

Together, we can create a ceremony that perfectly suits your values, needs and personality. One that you can be proud of and love remembering over and over.

My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to ensure your day is magical, stress-free, and truly a day you’ll never forget!
I am flattered you’d consider my services for your wedding ceremony, so please get in touch as soon as you’ve picked out your wedding date!

I can’t wait to get you married!



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Art By I – www.artbyi.com.au
Chris Clinnik – www.chrisclinnick.com.au
David Fowler – www.davidfowler.com.au
Dezine by Mauro – www.dezinebymauro.com
JMS Photography –  www.jmsphotography.com.au
Laugh Out Loud Photography – www.lolphotography.com.au
Precise Moment Photography –  www.precisemomentphotography.com.au
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